The Story behind the Album Name

Album Cover Full - The Cyans - Shaman Raga

The debut album of The Cyans is titled Shaman Raga. The album features 10 songs primarily written by Zomb Menon and a couple of which are co-written along with Ivan Ermilov and Waan. Shaman Raga is produced by Waan and every sound on the record is created by the trio. The album was recorded between the period of March 2014 and December 2014 in Leipzig, Germany at Ivan’s recording studio Ermilov Soundworks. Via an independent release it is distributed worldwide digitally on platforms like iTunes, Amazon and GooglePlay.

Shaman coincidences –

The name Shaman Raga was not a random choice. A close succession of multiple coincidences around the band and the recording process led to the choosing of the name.

Zomb has always been fascinated by the theme of shamans and has had some previous experiences in India. While recording his vocal parts for this album, he came up with completely unplanned musical parts which came out of nowhere. Mostly by improvising with props that happened to be present in the soundroom. One can hear them in the track Epilogue. The conceptual treatment of the title track Shaman Raga, further accentuates the vision behind the album name. These parts were unlike music that the band would associate their sound with, but were too compelling to omit from the album. They have a shamanistic vibe about them.

Another, incident involves Waan when he was with a friend socializing at a bar one night. A stranger on the next table asked him for a pen to write something down. Waan offered her one and asked her to keep it. In return, the stranger gave him a special cigarette lighter that had the image of a Native American shaman on it.

The trio discussed about these incidents when brainstorming for the album name.
What they discovered on researching the word was even more surprising. The word “shaman” owes some part of its roots to Kazan, the city where Waan grew up. Kazan was conquered by Russian King Ivan, the cruel. It soon became apparent that “shaman” had to be on the album title due to its origin in present day Russia. The word “raga” was added due to Zomb’s Indian roots and childhood in Indian classical music.

Yet another coincidence surfaced when renowned filmmaker Phil Stebbing contacted Zomb regarding his independent documentary film. The film titled, Suspending Belief, is a story of a shaman in Malaysia. It was inevitable that on the mention of the album name, Phil was immediately interested. On hearing the rough mixes of the songs, he offered to feature some of the songs as background score in Suspending Belief.

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