How the Band came To Be


Controlled Chaos – Ivan, Zomb, Waan

The Cyans –
Zomb Menon: Lead Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Ivan Ermilov: Drums, Percussion
Waan: Bass Guitar, Vocals

In the winter of 2012, Zomb a resident of Bombay/India, moved to Leipzig/Germany. At the time, Zomb was musically reinventing himself. He played a repertoire of solo songs he had written a few years prior to moving to Germany. Zomb soon got about to playing concerts in the Leipzig/Berlin area and via an expat network met Waan.

Waan was producing his solo album at that point in time. Through meeting each other often via a common network of friends, Zomb and Waan developed a good friendship. Waan offered to produce Zomb’s solo music for launch as singles.

Zomb continued to be active in the live circuit performing solo or supported by various world musicians from South Africa, France, Peru, Germany and more, while in the meantime Waan released his solo album. Waan suggested to Zomb, who was playing all-acoustic by now, to consider playing his songs in an electric band setup.

Waan on moving to Leipzig a year prior to Zomb, had already considered forming a band of his own. He had responded to an advertisement posted by Ivan on a music forum. Ivan was in two projects: An electronica act and an alternative hard rock band. He considered setting up his own recording studio and getting involved in newer music projects. Waan and Ivan had jammed together and were well-acquainted due to their common Russian backgrounds.

Waan introduced Zomb to Ivan in the summer of 2013. Ivan and Zomb jammed on some songs the latter had written. A few jams led to them thinking seriously about forming a band. As the songs took shape, the two musicians simultaneously auditioned bassists to complete their live sound. Waan offered to fill-in for a few concerts that the band was already scheduled to play.

Step by step thru frequent jams and rehearsals, in autumn 2013 the power trio of “The Cyans” came to be. Their sound continuously evolved thru months of jams eventually resulting in focused effort towards the debut album.

Controlled Chaos